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"Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"

This is a link to my latest review of The Walking Dead- Season 02 Episode 10 called “18 Miles Out”. It’s also my super-special Oscar Edition Review where I give out awards like “Best Interpretation of Being A Total Dick, Best Improvised Bullshitting,” and my personal favorite- “Best Supporting Stupid-Ass Ho”!You know you want to see who gets awards like these! Plus I give some serious insight into the whole “walker in the field” situation and my best guess as to what that meant. I think it’s a pretty good guess, too.

So check it out- like, comment, Tweet about it, share it, etc. if you dig it- check out some of the other bits of news on there and look for episode 11 to be coming up soon!

(This episode was sadly devoid of Daryl. But stick with me and I can promise you that I have without a doubt the very best collection of Daryl/Norman photos that you wont be able to find anywhere else! The same goes for all the other cast members but let’s be honest; most of us just want to feed our Daryl Dixon Addiction ;)

Oh! And a word to the wise for anyone planning on sending Norman Reedus some Daryl Dixon panties as a sexy gesture, thinking maybe they’ll end up on his bedroom wall or in his dresser drawer or something…yeah, they wont. However they could possibly end up in his 12-yr-old son’s bedroom on the wall or a shelf since according to Norman that’s where all the random fan gift-age is displayed. Just thought you’d like to know where your undies end up- sorry if I ruined anyone’s fantasy ;PRick: "I'm not a Good-Guy anymore.")

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